Emerging Global Leaders Program- Jamaica

The Emerging Global Leaders of Jamaica (EGLJ) was formed out of the concept of the Emerging Global Leaders Program (EGLP), formerly of York University.

The Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (AJAA) became involved in this program when they began sponsoring young people to attend the Canadian and Caribbean version of the program.

Subsequently, the Alliance saw the benefits of the program to the young Jamaicans who attended. In July 2013, a reunion was held, sponsored by the Alliance which brought together past EGLP Jamaican Participants, and the idea of an EGLJ was brought to life.

Currently, the program has expanded to create a club system in 6 schools across the island. Each of these clubs are run by EGLJ alumni, and meet weekly.

For full documentation please review the official document here EGLP-Jamaica 2014