At a Glance

A noble history for a Promising future.

Emerging Global Leaders Program

The Emerging Global Leaders Program (EGLP) was launched in partnership with Humber College Canada. EGLP has two programs Emerging Global Leaders Jamaica (EGLJ) and Emerging Global Leaders Program/Canada.


E-Mentorship Program/Cuso International

The Inroads Program was successfully replaced by the E-Mentorship Program with the support of CUSO International


Students Praise AJAA

Jamaica “Education 2000 the New Millennium”, a joint venture with the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (U.S.A). Provided resources to basic, per-primary, primary and high schools in Jamaica.


The Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Association held its annual Graduates Reception on Friday, July 14, 2000 at the Jamaican Canadian Association Centre in Toronto. Kimberley Ann Johnson and Richard Elcock both received scholarships worth $1,000. each, while twelve other graduates were presented with certificates.



Leadership & Mentorship Program

The Alliance provided InRoads Toronto with high school, first and second year university visible minority and aboriginal students for the leadership and mentorship program.


First Annual Scholarship Award

First annual Scholarship Award in Toronto, presented to recipients at the graduates reception.


“Science 2000” in Jamaica, focused on the delivery of science education and explored teaching methods.


Leadership Conference

First Leadership Conference, April 21 and 22


Project ``Technology 2000``

Project “Technology 2000” in Jamaica, involving The Jamaica Computer Society, Ministry of Education, principals and students. Computers and careers were the focus of the informative and successful days (September 27 and 28) of conference in Kingston, Jamaica.


Incorporation of the Alliance

  • The Alliance was incorporated;
  • Commenced joint venture with the Scarborough Board of Education and five (5) chartered banks on the “Job Shadowing” program;
  • Invited to serve on the Metro Toronto Chief of Police Consultation Board; and
  • Launched graduation program for students of Ontario’s high schools (the “Graduates Program”).


Ministry of Education (Jamaica)

  • Launched “Education 2000” in Jamaica in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Schools and local alumni groups participated in conferences and a work week, June 21 to 27;
  • First annual New Year’s Eve Ball; and
  • Adopted the Alliance’s Mission Statement.


Welcome the Birth of Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations in New York (UJAA)

  • Participated in the launching of the Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations in New York (UJAA);
  • First major project in Canada: The Alumni Fair “Given a Chance” – depicted the education system in Jamaica with the main focus being the secondary schools; and
  • Adopted the Alliance’s Constitution. Received request from Scarborough Board of Education to participate in the “Change Your Future” program.


Partnership with Jamaican Canadian Association

Entered into partnership with the Jamaican Canadian Association to administer Jamaica’s 25th Annual Scholarship Fund.


First Board of Directors Elected

  • First Board of Directors elected;
  • First Project – “Hurricane Relief Fund”;
  • Aided schools in Jamaica; and
  • First Annual Soccerfest under the Alliance umbrella.


Birth of The Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (AJAA)

The Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (Toronto) was established as the central organization for 13 associations. There are now 36 memberships registered.