Collaboration between Cuso International (“Cuso”) AND The Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (AJAA), Ardenne Alumni Association -Toronto (AAA), Ardenne High School. Established an e-mentoring pilot program (2014)

Cuso International and the Caribbean Social and Economic Empowerment for youth (Caribbean SEE)

Cuso International has a regional youth strategy: the Caribbean Social and Economic Empowerment for youth. The youth strategy has a component that seeks to strengthen entrepreneurship and employability of youth. In this context, we see e-mentoring as way to support at-risk young boys and girls in their personal development to make them better future professionals or entrepreneurs.

This project has identified approximately 100 at-risk young persons, mostly male, from inner-city communities and the Greater Portmore Area in Kingston, Jamaica who would benefit from distance mentoring, or e-mentoring, that would improve performance indicators such as grades, teacher and peer feedback, and assessments. Ardenne teachers or guidance counselors will help identify students who are particularly at-risk due to under-performance, suspensions, lack of parental support or guidance and who could most benefit from this pilot.


Goal #1:               Foster and support volunteerism amongst members of AJAA/AAA and to establish a partnership that could lead to future collaboration.


Goal #2:               To implement Cuso’s pilot e-volunteering program, monitor and evaluate its effectiveness in forming successful mentor and mentee matches.